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Organizare curs Programare Ethereum & Solidity

Cursul Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming: Build Real-World Apps poate fi organizat Online (curs video in Engleza, 100% Hands-On) sau Corporate.
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Este in limba engleza si contine tutoriale video, slide-uri, quizz-uri si foarte multe exemple practice de Smart Contracts (ERC20 Token, ICO, Auction, CrowdFunding, Lottery). Accesul la curs se face pe platforma de e-learning Udemy. 
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cui se adreseaza

Cursul se adreseaza programatorilor sau antreprenorilor care doresc sa invete o tehnologie cu potential major. Blockchain este tehnologia viitorului, iar Ethereum este cea mai cunoscuta platforma pentru Smart Contracts si DDapps.


De a invata in detaliu despre Blockchain, Ethereum, programare Solidity, Smart Contracts, si DApps. La sfarsitul cursului vei fi in top 10% programatori Blockchain si vei putea face parte din revolutia tehnologica a viitorului!

Curriculum Curs Programare Blockchain -(Ethereum & solidity)

– Quick Inside. Course Overview
– Introduction to Ethereum
– Ethereum Nodes
– Links to Original Bitcoin & Ethereum White Papers
– Ethereum Accounts and Ethereum Address
– Ether (ETH)
– Gas and Opcodes
– Ethereum Block Explorer
– Ethereum Transactions, Blocks and Mining

– Tools and Frameworks
– Remix IDE
– Smart Contract Compilation, ABI and Bytecode
– Installing Metamask and Sending Ether. MyEtherWallet
– Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet
– Contract Deployment on Rinkeby Using Remix and Metamask

– Smart Contract Architecture
– Solidity Basic Syntax
– Variable Basics
– Functions, Setters and Getters
– Variable Types: Bool and Int
– Fixed-Size Arrays
– Dynamic Arrays
– Structs and Enums
– Mappings
– The Constructor
– Built-in Global Variables
– Contract Address and Balance: Sending Ether to a Contract, Payable & Fallback Functions
– Access the Contract Balance
– Variables and Functions Visibility: Private, Public, Internal, External

– Planning & Design
– Defining State Variables & Constructor
– Enter the Lottery
– Validation. The Require Statement.
– How to Select the Winner
– Random Numbers in Solidity
– Selecting the Winner and Sending Contract Balance
– Resetting the Lottery
– Contract Review
– Deployment to Rinkeby Test Network
– Final Words. The Power of Ethereum

– Planning and Design
– Defining State Variables and Constructor
– Function Modifiers
– Place a Bid
– Testing the placeBid() Function
– Cancel the Auction
– Important Security Consideration. Withdrawal Pattern.
– Finalize the Auction
– Testing the contract. Final words.
– Scalability. Thinking about the deployment of thousands of Auctions.
– Contract that Deploys Another Contract
– Auction Contract Creator

– Solving a Real Problem
– Planning and Design
– Defining State Variables and Constructor
– Contribute to the FundRaising Campaign
– Get Refund
– Create a Spending Request
– Vote for a Request
– Make a Payment
– Testing the Contract
– Events
– Adding Events to the Contract

– Contract Inheritance
– Abstract Contracts and Interfaces
– Ethereum Tokens. What is ERC20?
– Token Contract State Variables
– Token Contract Constructor and Mandatory Functions
– Testing and Deployment of ERC20 Token on Rinkeby Testnet
– ERC20 Token – allowed, transferFrom(…) and approve(…) Functions
– ERC20 Token – Full Implementation
– Final Tests

– What is an ICO?
– Planning the ICO Smart Contract
– ICO State Variables and  Constructor
– ICO States. ICO Emergency Stop and Restart
– The Invest Function
– ICO Testing
– Locking Up Tokens
– Burn Tokens
– ICO and ERC20 Token Deployment on Rinkeby Testnet. Testing the ICO

– Installing and Running Geth on Ubuntu
– geth Usage (Cheetsheet)
– Set Up a Private Ethereum Blockchain
– Deploy and Mine a Contract on the Private Blockchain

– Ethereum and IPFS
– What is IPFS and How It Works
– Installing IPFS on Linux
– Running an IPFS Node on Linux
– Installing and Running an IPFS Node on Windows

Intrebari frecvente (faq)

Blockchain este o tehnologie considerata revolutionara care are potentailul de a modifica structura economiei actuale. Bitcoin este primul cel mai cunoscut exemplu de tehnologie Blockchain. 

Ethereum pe de alta parte este o platforma complexa pentru dezvoltarea aplicatiilor descentralizate (Smart Contracts) pe Blockchain. 

Solidity este limbajul de programare folosit pentru crearea Smart Contracts. A fost special creat pentru Ethereum.

Un lucru este sigur si anume ca viitorul este incert! Cu toate acestea multe minti luminate considera tehnologie Blockchain revolutionara, o tehnologie a viitorului care din intamplare a aparut prea devreme.

Cele mai multe corporatii investesc si dezolvata aceasta tehnologie.

Sunt recomandate cunostinte de baza in orice limbaj de programare. Daca esti incepator zero in programare iti recomandam sa te inscrii intai la un curs de bazele programarii. De exemplu Master Python/Go Programming ar fi o alegere excelenta!

Daca analizezi in detaliu oferta existenta, vei vedea ca acest curs este unic.

Daca doresti poti urmari mai multe sectiuni demo inainte de a te inscrie. 

Ce spun cursantii care s-au inscris pana acum

"I love this course and the teache. He is very good and goes through the basics clearly and slowly, helping me become a Ethereum and Solidity Coder!"
Oliver Randon
"Very good and well organized course on Ethereum and Solidity programming. Clear explanations and well chosen examples. I recommend it! I'm waiting for more details on Solidity 5.0."
Peter K
Blackchain Engineer
"Wow! Aceste curs este excelent. Am reusit sa emit propriul taken bazat pe Ethereum pe care il folosesc in afacerea mea. Ce bine ar fi fost daca as fi gasit acest curs mai devreme! As fi salvat sute de ore de incercari nereusite!"
Claudiu Negru
Antreprenor, Blockchain Enthusiast
"Great course! I'm 100% sure the knowledge I obtained from this course will propel me to the next level in my effort to learn and understand ethereum and blockchain technologies. I look forward to purchasing more courses from Andrei in the coming future."
Robert Lewis