Python for network engineers

Organizare curs Python for network engineers

Cursul Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers poate fi organizat Online (curs video in Engleza, 100% Hands-On) sau Corporate. Contacteaza-ne pentru detalii.


Este in limba engleza si contine tutoriale video, laboratoare in GNS3 si Linux, slide-uri, quizz-uri si foarte multe exemple practice, real-life. Cursul se desfasoara pe platforma de e-learning Udemy. Click pentru Demo.

cui se adreseaza

Cursul se adreseaza inginerilor de retea Cisco sau multi vendor, inginerilor DevOps, sysadminilor, specialistilor in securitatea informatiei sau oricarui inginer doritor sa invete sa automatizeze taskuri complexe, dar repetitive.


La sfarsitul cursului vei sti sa automatizezi configuratia echipamentelor de retea Cisco sau a altor vendori si vei fi in topul inginerilor de retea. Network Automation este directia clara a industriei de Networking!

Curriculum Curs python for network engineers

  • A Quick Note
  • Download and Install the Required Software
  • Setup Python Programming Environment on Windows (PyCharm, Idle, Running Scripts) 
  • Where do I get Cisco IOS, Juniper vSRX or Arista vEOS Images
  • Just a  few Words about Windows Installation
  • How to Install GNS3 VM on Windows 
  • How to run Cisco IOU images on GNS3 VM on Windows
  • How to connect to images running in GNS3 from Windows
  • How to Run Arista vEOS in GNS3
  • How to Run Juniper vSRX in GNS3
  • Juniper vSRX Basic Configuration
  • Arista vEOS Basic Configuration
  • Opening and Reading Files
  • Reading Files: Tell, Seek and Cursors
  • The With Keyword
  • Reading Files into a List
  • Writing to Text Files
  • Reading CSV Files
  • Writing CSV Files
  • Using Custom Delimiters
  • Assignment: File Processing
  • Assignment Answer 1: File Processing
  • Assignment Answer 2 (CSV Module): File Processing
  • Bytes Objects, Encoding and Decoding
  • Serial Communication Basics. Connecting to a Console Port
  • Open a Serial Connection to a Device Console Port
  • Configure Cisco Devices using Serial Connections
  • Pyserial Refactoring. Creating Our Own myserial Module
  • Module Enhancement. Initially Configuration of a Cisco Device 
  • Initial Configuration Automation From a File
  • Telnet Protocol Basics.  Configure and Connect to Cisco Devices
  • Connecting to Network Devices with Telnet from Python
  • getpass Module
  • Network Automation. Configure Multiple Devices
  • Telnet Script Refactoring Using Object Oriented Programming
  • Testing the Custom Telnet Class. Configure Loopback Interfaces and OSPF
  • Configure Multiple Devices Using the Custom Telnet Class
  • Intro to Paramiko
  • Bonus: Enable SSH on Cisco Devices
  • Running a Command on a Cisco Device
  • Running a Command on Linux
  • Configure Loopback and OSPF on a Cisco Router  Using the invoke_shell(…) method 
  • Paramiko Refactoring. Creating myparamiko Module
  • Running Commands Using myparamiko on Cisco IOS
  • Running Commands Using myparamiko on Linux 
  • Assignment: Interactive User Creation on Linux with Paramiko
  • Assignment Answer:  Interactive User Creation on Linux with Paramiko
  • Backup Configuration of a Single Cisco Device 
  • Automate Backup Configuration of Multiple Cisco Devices
  • Secure Copying Files with SCP and Paramiko from Python
  • Intro to Netmiko
  • Connecting and Running a Command on a Networking Device
  • Netmiko prompt. Enable & Global Config Mode
  • Running Multiple Commands on a Networking Device
  • Configure a Networking Device from a File
  • Configure Multiple Networking Devices from Multiple Files
  • Configuration Backup using Netmiko
  • Improvement of the Configuration Backup Script
  • Netmiko and Linux
  • Preparing the Router for SCP
  • Copy files to Networking Devices using SCP and Netmik
  • Configure Arista EOS Switches
  • Netmiko in a Multivendor Environment: Cisco & Arista Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Netmiko
  • Assignment: Check Interface Status and Enable it if it’s Disabled
  • Assignment Answer  Check Interface Status and Enable it if it’s Disabled
  • Python Parallel Processing Theory
  • Multiprocessing vs.Multithreading
  • Multithreading and Multiprocessing: Pros and Cons
  • Implementing Multiprocessing in Python
  • Netmiko Script without Parallel Programming  
  • Netmiko Script Using Multiprocessing
  • Netmiko Script Using Multithreading
  • Intro to Napalm
  • Installing Napalm. Connecting to a Device
  • Displaying Information
  • Retrieving Information (facts, interfaces, arp table etc)
  • Checking Connectivity Between Devices (napalm_ping)
  • Configuration Management
  • Merging Configurations   
  • Configuration Rollback
  • High-level File Operations: The Shutil Module
  • Running System Commands: The Os Module
  • Running System Commands: The Subprocess Module
  • What is Ansible 
  • Ansible Components 
  • Installing Ansible  
  • Inventory and ansible.cfg files  
  • Intro to Ad-Hoc Commands  
  • Ad-Hoc Commands part 1: command, shell, raw modules
  • Ad-Hoc Commands part 2: setup, file, copy modules
  • Ad-Hoc Commands part 3: apt & service modules
  • YAML Files
  • Intro to Ansible Playbooks
  • Ansible Playbooks: ios_command Module
  • Ansible Playbooks: Saving Output to a File 
  • network_cli vs local. Privileged Exec Commands in Playbooks
  • Behavioral Inventory Parameters
  • Behavioral Inventory Parameters in Playbooks and Inventory Files 
  • Ansible Playbooks: ios_config Module
  • Ansible Playbooks: ios_config Module parents Argument 
  • Ansible Playbook: Backup running-config Using ios_config Module
  • Ansible Loops: Create Linux Users
  • Ansible Playbooks: Arista eos_config Module
  • Playbook with Multiple Plays for a Multivendor Topology (Cisco & Arista)
  • Ansible Vault
  • Intro to Python
  • Python Flow Control
  • Strings in Python
  • Lists, Tuples, Sets, FrozenSets and Dictionaries in Python
  • Functions

Intrebari frecvente (faq)

Acest curs nu este pentru incepatori. Sunt necesare cunostinte de baza de Python. Iti recomandam sa incepi cu cursul Master Python Programming: The Complete Python Bootcamp.

Cursul Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers​ Online se desfasoara in limba engleza pe Udemy – cea mai mare platforma  de e-learning din lume.

Cursul Corporate se desfasoara in limba romana.

Cu siguranta! Network Automation este directia clara a industriei de Networking. Network Automation este un skill pe care il au cei mai buni ingineri de retea!

Acest curs este video, 100% Hands-On. 

Poti urmari cateva sectiuni Demo inainte de inscriere.

Ce spun cursantii care s-au inscris pana acum

"The course is structured in a very detailed and easy format. The examples so far are practical to provide the user with the building blocks required to understand the python functions being discussed."
"This course was much better than I expected. It's high quality Python Programming in the area of network automation and the instructor is really experienced. A section on Nornir would be really nice. Thank you!"
Joseph Heinrich
"It's really a great course. Enjoyed the learning. Everything you need is here. "
Andreas Heinisch
Cisco Specialist
"I love the part about just getting on to real world tasks without first boring us with dry theory. Also love that many competing methods are on the roadmap. I am learning a lot of things here."
Network Security Architect